Summary of July 2009 Gorsedh Kernow Council Meeting

New GK Councillors, were welcomed to the meeting by the Grand Bard.

The following officers were elected, it being the last GK Council meeting before the Open Gorsedh that marks the end of this triennium: Grand Bard Mick Paynter Skogynn Pryv, Deputy Grand Bard Maureen Fuller Steren Mor, Treasurer David Lindo Carer Lowarthow. These officers were congratulated by the Council.

Processes are in place for Keskerdh Kernow to take on the role previously performed by Esethvos Kernow.

It is hoped that the October Gorsedh Conference will take on the topic of Cornish Arts, lead by Ross Williams.

A list of venues for possible Gorsedhow was agreed up to 2017.

Approval was given for overseas bardic gatherings to process and display a banner depicting the Awen, for approved bardic ceremonial occasions.

A report was received from the Awards Secretary advising the outcome of the Awards Sub-Committee meeting held that morning.

Consideration was given to what resources might be necessary to support the proposed digitisation of the Gorsedh archive material.

Reports from all officers and sub-committees were received.

The next meeting was set for 24 October 2009.

Colin Roberts, Administrator - Menystror

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