Gwas Myghal 
Henry Jenner (Gwas Myghal)


While working at the British Museum as Keeper of Manuscripts in 1877, Henry Jenner found a 41-line fragment of early Cornish verse on the back of a charter dated 1340.

He became a member of the Breton Gorseth in 1903 with the bardic name Gwaz Mikael. In 1904 he launched his Handbook of the Cornish Language and in the same year his efforts resulted in the Pan-Celtic Congress at Caernarfon recognising Cornwall as one of the six Celtic Nations. In 1917 at the Neath Eisteddfod he met D. Rhys Phillips (Y Beili Glas) and this led to the first Cornish Gorseth at Boscawen Un in 1928.


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